Alexander Wood is a young and exciting jeweller who prides himself on designing and creating hand crafted, visually stunning jewellery to an exactingly high standard and has already made a great name for himself within the jewellery trade.


Alexanders’ intro into the jewellery trade started when Ian Read a renowned UK based Diamond setter offered to give him an insight into how the industry worked and started him on a one day a week internship. Alex was instantly enthused by both the creative and manual disciplines of the trade. Alex applied for and was offered a place on the Goldsmiths foundation programme. He trained at the college for a year learning basic traditional skills in diamond mounting, diamond setting, silver-smithing, enamelling and engraving. Alex chose to concentrate on diamond mounting and was promptly offered an apprenticeship under Master freeman Nathanial Groves. To date Alex has already won gold, 3 silvers and bronze awards in GCDC (Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council) awards and has represented the UK in ‘Worldskills Abu Dhabi 2017’.


Some of his best pieces have been competitive pieces particularly his 2016 entry to GCDC which was a 4 knuckle ring with a trebling flower made to be set in silver. This won a silver award. Alex enters the competition every year and

has never failed to win an award.


For Alex the Customer comes first and foremost and after an initial design meeting is consulted on all decisions along the way to the production of the final piece or set.